Impact of Drugs in Driving

Florida Drug Driving Laws

The last few decades have seen incredible improvement in the number of drunk driving related injuries and deaths. As awareness of the danger of drunk driving increased along with laws that prohibiting drunk driving, the number of people who take to the road while intoxicated decreased. However, drugged driving laws have failed to catch up, mainly because it is much more difficult to administer tests that can accurately detect when someone is under the effects of drugs. That's why it is vital that everyone just starting out to drive gets the best possible education about drugged driving.

Marijuana and Drugged Driving

A large body of evidence shows that marijuana hinders one's ability to safely drive. Specifically, drugged driving makes it harder to focus your attention to the task at hand, renders it difficult to, and affects your fine motor skills. These negative effects can impact your driving even long after the intoxicating effects of marijuana have worn off.

Other Drugs

It's important to know that even legal drugs pose a threat to your safety while driving. Prescription drugs that affect your cognition, alertness, or motor skills can dull the skills that are essential to driving safely. If you are taking a prescription medication, it is imperative that you pay attention to any labels that come with medication or any warnings your doctor might have issued when you received the prescription. If you need to be transported while under the effect of your medication, try to arrange for a friend or family member to drive you.

The Hard Numbers

Statistics show that drugged driving increases chances of being involved in a fatal accident. In fact, alcohol and drugs contributed to 44 percent of Florida’s crash fatalities. According to one study, 34 percent of crash victims admitted to a Maryland emergency room tested positive for drugs. Other studies have affirmed that people under the influence of drugs account for a high percentage of fatal accidents.

High Risk for Teens

Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for people aged 16 to 19. This risk increases when driving is paired with alcohol and drugs. So it's imperative that teens get the best possible driving education as well as education about the dangers of drugged driving.

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